Sunday, 6 December 2015

war gathers in the east (pt 2.5)

well iv got no orks bitz  so iv decided on a demonworld base instead so iv done lots of research ish lol and decided on something like this

Image result for constantine hell

this is the hell scene from Constantine and from the picture everything looks drab n dreary which I can do with dry brushing my bone colours  probably wont go as high as ubshanti though.

base will be steal legion drab
with a dry brush of karak stone

then maybe wash it with agrax to deepen it also thinkin of using the mars earth to create a barren waste style feel.

that will also need painting so that it blends in with my base

iv also got nurglings so I can put them on the larger bases mainly for a lil humour

the fluff doesn't say what type of demons are on this world so I can mix n match them as a like as well as chaos marines 2 boost up the variety

the bases will be on show when I post up my next post showing off the skitarii

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