Thursday, 31 March 2016

journey man update part 2 and beyond

well iv been busy agen and managed 2 finish  the ogrun warmongers as well as my death stalker solos

leaving very few models left to paint  in this league which is gd as ill end up with shed loads of points for painting!!

beyond the journeyman I would like 2 start doing events so in preparation iv bought a laser for checking LOS and im also looking at this bad boi

so that I can carry all the miniatures for up to 3 lists I hope! so the long and arduous process of writing down how many bases I have for each list without multiples begins!

I currently have

41 30mm models
7 40mm models
11 50mm models

and with extras I want its another

7 30mm models
4 40mm models
7 50mm models

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