Friday, 3 June 2016

the cryxian problem

so cryx and mk3  iv seen the leaked  cards  and my ultimate  skarre list has hit a massive problem

Image result for nerfbat meme

her feat now only effects 1 model rather than her control range! so those pns20 mechanithralls is now a dream lol

so iv gotta re think ill still keep

denny1 denying the charge for a turn is awesome
goreshade lord of ruin bcoz those mechanithralls can be sacrificed in the name of making everything stationary

slot 3 is open for the new battlegroup caster

the send part of the problem is mainly waiting as the leaked cards got taken down ive gotta wait 9 days before I can download the warroom cards!

ill still want units like
bane thralls
bloat thralls
mainly anything thrall like and the wraith engine

as these will all fit with the casters I want

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