Sunday, 10 July 2016

first games of mk3

so I played 2 games of mk3 AND I cant wait to get my rulebook to do some hardcore reading AND the cards as war room sucks!  its not for me lol 

well I played against menoth with thags2  once with arch angel and the other with double ravagor and a unit instead

and even with a table swop I was soundly beaten which is the long n short of it lol

so lets brush over that and move on to what ive learnt

legion have changed like it or lump it! so like the dragonspawn we gotta adapt!

1. speed 5 heavies still hit hard but man are they slow so we need some buffs  to mitigate some of this slowness!

2. jacks are now super efficient with power up at worst 2 turns of running then a free focus for charging ontop of any focus u allocate

3. changes to eyeless sight means you cant sit in a forest and shoot everything before charging lol

4.  our heavy hitters are now 18/19pts with very little changes so a pair will take up all your wb points  and 2 more will take up half of ur 75pt allowance  I think this is enough and then mix in support solo's and units

5. well still be playing for scenario and assassination but the old lists may not work so look for pulls/pushes to drag key units into position for a minimum trade off  

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