Sunday, 24 July 2016

its over.....

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I have literally been waiting years for this joke! as I just broke past the 9000 mark I'm hoping those that choose to read my blog are having some success with what I'm writing it would be nice to know that some one is benefitting from my random musing n stuff lol

so iv had a game with the legion battle group and want to offer up some musings for handling the other factions!  firstly its not a bad battle group we have lots of tools for taking down any other group that we come up against as long as you play for the long game and be patient!

so lets look at the group

the bolt thrower is the main piece that gives you an unbelievably huge threat range 6" move +10" range and 4" snipe that's 20" on a 24" board so pretty much after you've moved on ull be able to reach most things as long as you can see them!  so use this to threaten key pieces slowly chip away at them whilst pushing them back and cycle between which ever gets closest as they cant heal they will need to engage quickly  

for hordes go for the quickest first so that they are harder to heal

kyrssa will be casting tactical supremacy on the bolt thrower and ashen viel on the neraph  this makes the neraph def16 for shooting and combat (with a -2 on attack rolls if u aren't immune to fire) 

the shredders will flank the neraph as this is the main hitting piece is something runs foreward or charges the neraph the shredders go first and then the neraph finishes it off 

feat turn will be saved for unjamming beasts or getting stuck in to remove he heavies and leave as little as possible on the board for the next turn or to do an assassination run if u can get it off

and that's kinda it really  main thing remember to play the long game make them come to you!

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