Wednesday, 28 September 2016

a wins a win!

so safe to say I've had a rocky start with mk3 losing all my opening games then having a break for real life stuff and painting lots of new toys I had 2 games with them and learnt lots of things mainly read my cards and deploy better! so after another 2 losses and taking onboard everything id learnt I went into my latest game against cygnar and this is someone I normally lose 2 with all the buffs warmachine got I wasn't sure having lost 2 games with the new toys.  but the hellmouths did really well sitting them in forests for +2 deff is awesome the death stalkers pretty much wiped out a unit to hold the left flank and my 3 heavies managed to take down all his jacks bar 1 and

 Image result for stars align meme

and it ended with a scenario win for legion!

so I learnt a few things from this game mainly

1 legion still have the tools to keep up with the big boys!
2 play patiently now you only score in your turn plan for a longer game
3 hellmouths are awesome!

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