Friday, 9 September 2016

when is time to stop playing a game?

at the moment I am having a hard time trying to paint my skittarrii knowing that the draft FAQ will change allies and I wont be able to use drop pods when it becomes official.

iv started with a administratum grey and they aren't finished but look great and that is spurring me on.

but this is mainly more a philosophical post at what point do you say enough is enough?
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even robin has a breaking point!

so those of you who remember the very beginning of this blog it was first mainly for me to paint up a space wolves army as a club thing and they didn't pan out great lol and then it became a general painting/gaming blog that has covered my exploits from tournaments to that brief period where I tried playing fantasy lol

I do kno 40k has problems and the main problem is when one problem is fixed more are created to replace the initial problem which is great from a business perspective as ull all ways need to update and squeeze more money out of people 

that aside the other main issue is how terrible the system is whilst the rules aren't bad frequent FAQS and constant updates with no real thought mess the game up. this becomes more apparent when u play more than 1 system enter warmachine
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which iv been playing now for quite a few years and I think I starting to get to the point with this so hang on!  you start to make comparisons between each game its impossible not to with a limited game time its hard to chose something that isn't as gd as something else so here is the comparisons iv made

firstly GW
the main plus point for GW is and all ways will be its models they are still the best in the business for plastic kits

the main downside is rules which are inconsistent from edition to edition with some general overhaul and change focussing on making money rather than rules and game quality

the main plus point is they focus on the rules first everyone plays the same rules in the same format and they work really well

the main downside is model quality its not great and not even good in some cases with gaps in models and things like that

GW and PP are polar opposites in the broadest terms what 1 does the other does the opposite another example is community engagement  GW rely solely on quality of models and hear say/rumours of things that are being released many a time iv walked into a GW and something brand new has been released that no1 knew about.  where as PP actively engage with the community to the point where I was talking to doug Hamilton about a new legion caster hes working on and he showed me this concept drawing for kallus2
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this will never ever happen with GW so for now 40k has been relegated to the game I play when I need a break from warmahordes as I haven't decided to put the final nail in its coffin !

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