Saturday, 12 November 2016

pic heavy post battle report time!

I am pretty terrible at remembering what games I've played and what's happened so here goes!

game 1 vayl1 vs gaspy1 assassination win

in this game I struggled with the undead and ren grave who eventually took out a hell mouth! I simply couldn't kill enough of them in time but proteus was a beast pretty much taking out the heavies by himself with buffs and once they had gone it was a matter of time and I forced the assassination by making his caster block my domination of his zone on the  next turn

vayl and fyann2  needs to pictures to show off fyannas list
game 1 vayl 1 won by assassination
game 2 fyanna2 won by assassination

so game 1 fyanna put fury up on the warspears  which makes them hit like trains! and played pretty aggressive running straight up the centre of the board

my turn 1 was pretty defensive and playing it safe  his turn 2 hed done lots of dmg taking out 1 hell mouth with cra archers which are awesome! and near enough killed off the other and was in a pretty gd position for turn 3 so with some hard measuring my turn 2 I set up a really gd assassination run like this

1 spell martyr ran up on the left past the house triggering a still as death the other ran up on the right to get near to fyanna2
vayl2 activates next moving casting incite then using the arc node to put a hoar frost on fyanna2 boosting it for the crit which I got which made her stationary
hell mouth activates placing a tentacle near fyanna then draggin her towards the hellmouth which did some damage but he used I think his only transfer to get rid of it
proteus charges and with +2 on dice from incite and auto hitting he went to work on her lol

game 2 I missed a trick  a reak was in a bush with animus up and fyanna2 at the other side I tried baiting and it didn't work

fyanna gallowed vayl1 who stopped when he hit a base
carnivean charges a tentacle sprays n kills it n then kills another in 1"
reak moves n jumps behind vayl boosts a few hits n shes down lol

I did play a game against kreugar 2 but that ended horribly with me forgetting how fury works lol  so here is an important lesson

only EXCESS fury is discarded so if ur full on fury and rile ur beasts make sure u discard some lol

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