Wednesday, 2 November 2016


so yesterday I tried out a 35pt vayl1 list to see what she's all about and get some practice as this will be the 2nd caster for my pairing

so the infantry core for my list is pretty much the same across all lists

blackfrost shard
death stalkers x2
hell mouth x2

its 29pts and (I can drop 1 death stalker to go down to 25) it then gives me a lot of options for mixing and matching with beasts and then sprinkling some other units in.

I played a 35 points list with the above units and proteus and a bolt thrower, which I'm really loving at the moment

I played against gaspy1 figuring that I need some practice with her for 2 reasons

1 is for divide and conquer so I don't end up locking in with her for the last game or dropping her into a game so I don't have to game 3 etc

2 practice iv mainly played against warachine lists and iv dropped abby2 with stunning results so I need to see what vayl1 will do for me and so I know what I can cant do against warmachine factions with her

so what have I learnt?
Image result for learning new stuff meme
obligatory pic to summarise lol

1 incite is awesome it makes the heavy hitters into freight trains as well as making them effective mat8 on average so high def jacks like cryx cant escape and high arm jacks like khador also have no where to go 

typhon becomes 19
scythean 19
carnivean 20/18
proteus 16/18

add in kiss from blackfrost shard and its  +X on dice depending on the beast which improves on the trading

although this is super risky with it being within her 9" command

2 even though her speciality is taking out hordes casters with malice she still has a decent ranged assassination threat for warmachine casters with hoarfrost ao3 pow14 with kiss n incite that can be effective pow18 and its a 3 cost spell so you can use it twice and its crit stationary so its allways worth boosting the first one so then the next one will auto hit and then you can boost dmg

3 leash also greatly improves our slow beast's giving them an extra 3" on movement which can make proteus a 15" threat range lol

4 chiller is -2 on def and combined with seraph and black frost shard even the highest DEF casters aren't safe  start with the seraph as you can boost the to hit roll then follow up with black frost shard using the ice cage spell and kiss last then after that the +2 to hit on melee

so 4 things to remember when bringing vayl to the table

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