Sunday, 18 September 2011


this weekend i have painted 1 obliterator  (these are a different set that i have previously painted as i cant find the camera) again points for guesin hte paint scheme :P

the obliterator is a must have for any chaos army  their a heavy support choice and come in units of 3 :) their 75 pts each but for this u get 2 wounds 2+ armour and a 5+ inv save but the biggest benefit by far of the obliterator is the multitude of weaponry it can fire per turn
plasma canon
multi melta
twin-linked flamer
twin-liked plasma gun
twin-linked melta gun

so you must pick 1 and the entire unit shoots that weapon so for the table that is infested with landraiders  9 blitz is a must!!!!

deployment  essentially u want to create  optimum firing lanes  by having 1 unit in each corner and 1 unit in line with the middle of the centre of the board prefferably in terrain this creates a huge bubble in which no1 is safe :P  putting obliterators in cover is a must as they are only t4 and will be focussed by any str8 weapons

because oblitz are multi purpose they work great as anti tank and anti infantry units   they also work well with lash princes  as u can lash a unit together then plasma canon them to great effect :P

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