Thursday, 29 September 2011

change of pace GO BA!!

i painted astorath a few weeks ago and now its time to put him up. and here he is now iv thought about the single unit selection and doing tactics but i think a ful list will work better so here we go

librarian w/ fear of the darkness blood lance and jump pack

preists x3 w/ jump packs
sternguard x10
combi melta x10
drop pod

assault marines x10
melta gun x2
x3 units

death company x10
jump packs
power weaponsx2
powerfist 2
thunder hammerx2
infernus pistols

iv not done points on this list but i reckon its easily around the 2k mark  ok lets get down to business!!

the main purpose of this list is for astorath to make all units fearless and give them furious charge as red thirst is now on a 1-3 rather than jus 1 the problem is any opponents playing BA will also get red thrist on 1-3. hes also a chaplian so sticking him with the death comoany will give u re-rolling hits and wounds making this the hammer unit of the army

support/ synegy
support comes in the form of sternguard who drop in advance combat squad and with luck destroy 2 vehicles or cripple 1 flank of the enemies army (very gd Vs guard)  secondly support coms from the priest who give a 6" FNP bubble and spreading 3 across the army makes that 18" so all units shud get FNP as they move foreward

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