Thursday, 15 September 2011

new blog starting now!

Hi guys

this is the very first blog under the new banner of pimp my list  and it will include list analysis  units structure general tactics synergy etc etc  and of course plenty of filthy filthy things for winning coz winning is everything!!! 

since 40k is my main game ill start here with a unit close 2 my heart if u didnt guess from the picture their khorne berzerkers!! (although this is a pre-heresy world eater)

these guys have Ws5 with furious charge and 3 attacks all for 21 points each and a unit of 10 will easily clear out light troops such as guard tau dark and regular eldar  the main staying power of the bererkers is the powerfist so theyll need some kind of additional support

shooting you can use obliterators or havocs or any other long ranged shooting unit

CC *filth alert* adding a deamon prince with wings and lash drastically improves the power of the berzerker  and the Ws7 and 5 attacks from the prince help keep the berzerkers alive for longer as what ever is left will need 2 hold objectives OR terminators can do the job as well

they work well with a mobile army that will be driving foreward as they do need support so jump packs wings and trasnports

they arent really a  solo unit so only throw them in if they have some support or can win

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