Thursday, 8 November 2012

playing new games

its gd to have other games to play. playing the same game eash week can become stale so a change is in order.  now 40k isnt boring far from it im really enjoying 6th ed and my chaos. iv got plenty of new toys but i have been trying out other games and systems to keep me from stagnating.

so their are numerous things change the aspect of the hobby your in  increase playing painting or reading.

or try a completely different game which iv tried and my warning is dont buy into unless a its cheap or b their are plenty of otehr players

for example i tried a board game by mantic using veer-myn and corparation and its great a simple tactical game that can be used to at the end of a club nite after a main game is played or u cud play a few quick games instead its really addictive

card games  are allways great  fillers  and their  are plenty of games you can play

serious TCG games where u can pay a fortune for new cards to make ur decks better or jus buy starter sets  their fairly cheap  usually 10-12 pounds

or pay and play these contain all the cards u need to play such as braggert or any munchkin games these games are another fairly cheap game that is well worth investing in :)

finally i borrowed my mates dark elves and actually played fantasy and i shuld have done this along time ago, a gd tip borrow stuff before buying stuff saves loads of money!!!! lol  which i actually enjoyed  so ill be borrowing them for abit longer   get used to the game before i make a decision  

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