Sunday, 4 November 2012

how goes the chaos findings bugs etc etc

so its been  3 weeks roughly since i posted my list and ideas for how the list will play. and i want to go over  what iv changed and the problems iv been having. firstly  gd points generally winning and holding my ground with the fluff list!! having problems with necrons more on that later.

so what changes have i made i have dropped the hell brutes i love the models but their not that gd so they were replaced with predators with twin linked las canons

the deamon prince now has the black mace which is amazing for taking down multi wounded characters and big ish units of troops

im still undecided on the forgefiend  i like the model but in game its 50/50

the cultists are really impressing me  fearless with a lord and counter attack with overwatch they distract then grind down the toughest of opponents

the bugs in this list are more getting my timings right to disembark my zerkers to charge although i have been using the rhino wall more effectively to block units adn isolate others. the other thing is to much choice i really cant decide what id like in the list i can see a use for everything

gaming problems  necrons are still really tough to beat  their is so much fire power mixed in with tough CC units their a hard nut 2 crack

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