Friday, 23 November 2012

changing my choas

at the moment its winning roughly 50% but their are some tweaks i think i could make to improve on it.

lets re cap, here is the list so far:

Chaos lord
Murder sword
Sigil of orruption
Veteran of the long war

Daemon prince
Black mace
cultist x30 130

Berzerkers x8
Chain axe
Power fist
Veterans of the long war

Hell drake
Bale flamer

Bale flamer
Forge feind

TL Las

TL Las

Fortification - Aegis defence line with quad gun

wats working:
the bale flamers are worth their weight in gold  they are amazing and they have deffinately won me games :)

the cultists their fearless  and have 90 attacks on the charge plus the lord who now has a deamon weapon to increase damage they really do surprise me every game

wats not working
the deamon prince  in the last game he killed a large unit of warriors and a necron lord then died  to shooting he really isnt worth the pooints

forge feind tends to be better at infantry harrasment then anything else
preds  could do with  sponsons to make them a little better 1 las shot isnt gd enough

so wat can i change ?
 those marked in red  can be taken out this would save me 377 points reducing the list to 1470

for 80pts i can get sponsons on the predators thats somthing ill try
another helldrake is something ill deffinately consider 170

i can add another 6 zerkers  making 2 units of 11 this would increase the list to 53 models 

well see how it goes next week  although  i may be playing fantasy lol

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