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choosing a new fantasy army part 2

well i came into some money on a raffle and bought an rebought ogre kingdoms and vampire counts.  as both of these are strong contenders for my new army lets go over ogre kingdoms for the second part of choosing an army

once iv decided that i like the model range the next part is army composition rules and how viable they will be on the table top

firstly a standard ogre is ws3 bs2 str4 t4 w3 i2 a3 they have an average stat line but the difference is their fairly tough with lots of wounds which means a unit of 6 will be fairly hard to shift without plenty of shooting

so lets look at the army special rules

the first is ogre charge 1 impact hit per ogre in the unit is devastating as these hits are done before combat and against most T3/4 units theyll do some damage not only that on a roll of 10 or more to charge u get d3 impact hits    so an average unit of 6 is 12hits  not only that they have an extra rank which grants them an extra str so their impact hits would be str5 thats a -2 armour save to the unit being charged so even heavy armoured cavalry with a 1+ save would now be at 3+

they also stomp  so theirs plenty of attacks  in one form or another that theyll throw out

ironfists - another great  rule  they count as sheilds giving a 1+ to armour saves but not only that you can parry even if mounted which makes mournfang very durable!

look of gnoblars - is the same as look out sir for BSB

chain trap  12" str6 killing blow  its ok not great
harpoon launcher 36" str6 move or fire  and multiple wounds d3 this is gd as long as the character is mounted
the best weapons are ogre pistols 24" str4 armour peircing andquick to fire if u take a pair(brace) then u get 2 shots and they count as an extra hand weapon as well so u can stand and shoot then attack with an extra attack :D - so these are deffinately worth taking

lore attribute - gain a wound on a 2-6 with a +1 to cast or dispell on a roll of 1 the caster takes a str6 hit
signature spell - stubborn 12" on a 6+
1 18" magic missile 2d6 str2 hits with no armour saves 8+  36" range 11+
2 +1 str to a unt in 12" 7+ effect all units in 12" 14+
3 +1 toughness same as above bu casts on a 8+ and 16+
4 cause a panic check range 18" 9+  or 36" 12+
5 1 unit regen In  12" on a 12+ or all units in 12" on a 20+
6 small round blast within 18" roll atillery n scatter dice   models under template suffer a str3 hit if they pass an I test  those that fail take a str7 hit with multi wounds d6

onto the lords and hereos now ill ignore special characters since comped dont allow them

  firstly as this army is all about CC and beating face we have the

tyrant boasting  WS6 str5 t5 w5 i4 a5  hes a tough cookie and thier are a few ways to build him up

1st build -standard items then 1 big shouty weapon from the book if u do that take seigebreaker gives +2 str  and u roll against I which means  enemy infantry youl be hitting on 3's u also cant parry the seigebreaker  so hell chomp on infantry quickly

2nd build - brace of pistols giving u 6 attacks at i4 thats gd then make him more durable with armour from the rule book and a ward save

either way ul have lots of attacks or hit like a hammer  i would allways take the big name mountain eater as it means ull be wounded on no better than 3+ gd for other enemies with lots of attacks

slaughter master - this is the lv3 mage for ogres and so far wat i have for builds is this

1st gruts sickle and hell heart  gruts sickle adds +2 to casting rolls and the hell heart forces a mis cast in a d6x5 area and all wizards that suffer a miscast gives u an extra dispell dice

2nd go thru the rulebook n choose some items from that 

3rd hell heart and dispell scroll is my prefered set up and make him a lv4

like all hereos these are purely support for the lords

bruiser is a BSB  with mundane items and dragonhide banner this banner lets you do a breath attack as well as his normal attacks and that unit is then given allways strikes last this will counter high elves no re-rolls will hurt them :D

butcher is a lv1 wizard you could keep great maw or make him a support mage with heavens or sniper with death
firebellies are fire mages and an option but i like great maw powers

hunters are a gd choice when taken with sabertusks as they can vangaurd and go for war machines he can also take a big name to give him a +2 when shooting at large targets and with the harpoon launcher hell do some damage but he cant move or fire

so thats characters  im taking a both lords and a BSB as well as the support mage with gut magic :D

core units
the core makes up the majority of troops for the army and we have to choices really

ogres - standard guys a unit of 5 with full command is 180points u can then take iron fists for a 5+ and a parry save which is a total of 190 points thats very cheap :D take odd numbers if u will have them as a character bunker even if u wont

iron guts have heavy armour so the same save as ogres with iron fists BUT the difference is iron guts have great weapons so their str6 which means armour is modified by 3 so nasty horses with a 1+ go to 4+ but this comes at a higher price 5 iron guts with full command are 245  7 with full comman 331

gnoblars - they have a rule that means if they run away they dont cause panic tests their also 2.5 pts each!!  for 50 points u can get  10 gnoblars and trappers the basic plan is run them infront of the army if the enemy charge the trappers they take dangerous terrain then the ogres charge them! or they over run into the ogres lol

ill run 1 big unit of iron guts (7) this gives u a 2+ on impact hits :D
2  have man ogre units for the mages
2/3 units of gnoblar trappers to run infront of the army

special units
this is where the ogres really shine their are lots of great units

leadbelchers - this is the main fire base for the ogre army their str4 and fire d6 per ogre so ill run a unit of 4 which means theyll pump out loads of shots! str4 armour peircing thats a -2 to armour saves with weight of fire theyll drop most light armoured units and make a dent in heavy armoured units

man eaters these have the best bs (except characers) their expensive but can fill lots of different roles my idea is take 3 with ogre pistols(front rank) and 3 with great weapons(2nd rank) with  scouts and sniper and ill use them to pick off characters with weight of fire

the other way to use man eaters is as a character bunkers (their str5 a4) and take immune to pyschology and stubborn !! 

the only problem is their 50pts each

sabretusks  w2  21pts each get vanguard with a hunter u can run 2 hunters with a pack each to get 2 units that vangaurd  unit size 1-10

yhetees have a high i4  str5 and swiftstride  44pts each so id take  2 units  136 eachas its cheaper than sabretusks

mournfang  60pts each cavalry i think the bes set up is to run 3 with heavy armour sheilds as they get  d3 impact hits and stomp thats 210pts

last but not least gorger!  90pts for an unbreakable ambusher u can only take 3 but i would every time to attack warmachines or target mage bunkers

rare choices
i dont rate either chariot so ill skip them both

giant t5 w6 stubborn their hard to shift so worth it to soak up un wanted wounds from units u want to keep alive

stone horn will do the same job as the giant but packs a punch 3d3 impact hits at str6  t6 w6 a5 with frenzy then thunderstomp

thundertusk swops  hitting power for more synergy any model within 6" has the allways strikes ast rule

i prefer the stone horn for its pure hitting power and it can support the mournfang cav or other parts of the battle line

next well look at vampire counts i have a freint with ogres allready so ill give them a go

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