Sunday, 19 May 2013

short sunny spell

so unlike the past few days  we had a nice sunny day so i spent most of it painting !!  it was very productive i havent taken any pics yet but here is what iv done:

dark elves
all crossbowmen are now painted except their feet
over half the spearmen have their hands n faces painted and washed
all cold ones have been sprayed purple and nearing finished

i still have 2 paint hydras and characters and corsairs

dark eldar
more layers were put on the void raven and its nearly ready for highlighting
i added a few more layers to the trueborn
i started spraying the ravagers
iv re-sprayed my test venom and 2 others as they were black on the bottom and same for a raider

i now need more chaos black and nuln oil so i can shade the venoms and raider

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