Saturday, 11 May 2013

ogre cavelry charge!!!!!!

well finally my mournfang arrived and as i type this im building them!  cant wait to get these bad boys on the table.

so why are mournfang so gd??

well their movement 8 which makes them pretty damn quick for a non flying unit
they are monsterous cavalry so the mournfang make full supporting attacks
they have a gd statline  s5 t4  w3 i2 a4
they get d3 impact hits per mournfang at str5 :D

to make them super efficient at killing give them full command with the dragonhide banner so u can re-roll hit wound and saving throws of 1 so that should improve them no end!! :D

i need to re read their fluff entry to get ideas how 2 paint them

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