Saturday, 11 May 2013

achieving targets - dark elves

so yesterday like 2day the weather is great aka summer is here! so here is an update starting from the beggining.

this is the army after it was based in army painter white

so army breakdown
1 pegasus
1 sorceress
1 assassin
1 dreadlord on cold one
26 spearmen
30 bowmen
2 hyrdas
8 dark rider horses
9 cold one knights

not based is 40 corsairs but the will be based and finished for the final family photo lol :D

so far iv now finished the base colours on everything except characters and hydras. as most models are mainly armoured so i airbrushed them with

chainmail silver
nuln oil

iv also started doing detail work on the archers doing detail work such as skin cloth and ill finish them off by doing the shoes colours ill be using are

tallarn flesh with ogryn flesh wash
scab red with carroberg crimson wash
and chaos black for the shoes

so here is the same shot with all the models based in all the colours mentioned above as well some detail work done to the bowmen


the cold ones are  liche purple with chaos black in some recessess to create abit of depth

from here the detail work needs doing  which will take the longest to paint

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