Saturday, 26 April 2014

the lynx effect!!

so at 1500 I struggled to create the perfect all comers list but I think iv found something to level the playing field D style!!

the eldar lynx 2 shot 5" d weapon at 60" range will take down most death stars!!!

so  lets have a look at the lynx for those that don't know its FW elder super heavy tank  its 320points has 6 hull points and is 12/12/11 (I think)  so its not much better armour wise than the normal skimmers but its got a few tricks up its sleeve!!!!

so wat are the tricks  firstly points its 320 for a D weapon!! guard pay 500ish for theirs ok heri better armoured and more hull points but their much larger as well
the lynx is quite low to the ground like most elder skimmers which means u can hide easier then move out and strike at the enemy :)
also as its not as strong as other super heavies if the goin gets tough and the enemy turns up the heat u can turn into a flyer and shoot off the board then come back in next turn with ongoing reserves :D

the down sides are its low armour if its played to aggressive  anything over str6 will be a pain and 6 hullpoints wont last long either 1pen wil take off 4 hullpoints at best which means it wont last longit will also give away extra points as its a super heavy its worth 3 points 4 if u can take it out str8 away for first blood

how will I use this ??

my dark eldar at the minute has the answer to most lists that the average player can bring lots of lance poison  atleast 3 troops for capturing objectives  a wraithknight a flyer

but no anti deathstar so its main role will be to generally get my first blood and be a annoying killing the top priority units like escalation or formations

next il try and repost what iv painted as it playing up at the moment  and then ill go thru my 4 top list ideas for the throne of skulls in november

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