Sunday, 6 April 2014

nid list mmmmmmm n other general stuff iv not bin talking bout

so iv wrestled with great devourer many times thru out my time playing 40k it was the first army I ever played against and one id love to do so this year im taking the plunge and doing list iv never done before I started with eldar which I love n when their painted to match the dark eldar they'll be awesome

this months purchases will be foam for my dark eldar case I put the 3 flyers in and haven't used them now I have the crimson hunter so ill be taking out the 3 sets of foam that iv butchered and ill re pluck them so that my raiders all fit in 1 section interspersed with venoms n then ill have 2 slots left for other stuff this will be where I end up putting my eldar for when I have the hackering to ally :D

neway back to nids iv read the codex from cover to cover  watch battle reps and decided that all new comp lists will need a data slate old lists such as eldar/dark eldar will be amended shortly

so on to the list, im unsure about where formations go so ill write that bit up separately

Formation: skyblight swarm
flyrant with double devs
harpies x2
gargoyles x10 x3 units

this is a lot of points but its well worth it !!

flyrant with double devs

venomthropes x2

gaunts x30



fortification: aegis

so the idea is that the aegis will sit on the halfway point around the objectives.  T.fex, tervigon,guants and venomthropes and gargoyles will run up to the aegis and set up shop their.

then the flyers will come on

after turn 3 ill pump out more gaunts

the guants and gargoyles will then spread out for objective grabbing while the MC harass and tie up the enemy army.

and that's it

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