Saturday, 26 April 2014

finally painting!!!!!!!!!!

so its bin a few months since I painted anything and I got the paints I need for my dark eldar and eldar army. so over the next few posts ill be showing off what iv bin doing.

for the armour im using:

zandri dust as a base
then karak stone as a dry brush over the top
then highlight with ubshanti bone
then washing it all with sepia

the eyes lenses are 
caliban green base
and warpstone glow over the top

the cloth is
naggaroth night

the splinter weapons are
gehannas gold
washed with sepia

the odd vials and chains etc are
rune fang steel
washed with nuln oil

the skin will be
ulthaun grey
eyes will be chaos black

after that ill have the bases 2 do below are some pics of what iv done so far  the armour helms with eyes done :)

top pic is the duke 

then snippet of warriors and wyches

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