Saturday, 31 May 2014

the only constant is change

so this year iv been busy mainly buying armies building them and having fun playing them namely new armies like tau and eldar and goin back to some old favourites like dark eldar. 

with tau I enjoyed painting them as I airbrushed them which came out really well but overall playing wasn't that great.

the eldar haven't finished yet ill need a new 7th ed list which will be vehicle heavy and have 2/3 medium sized units of spiders :D  which I still have to build

dark eldar is an army I really do love everything about the background the models building painting EVERYTHING and my bone scheme is coming out really well

id still like a guard tank army(mainly for playing) and an ork army as I love everything about orks  

my latest purchase is a 1500pt deamons of tzeentch army

3 heralds on chariots
1 herald on disc

20 horrors

6 screamers


the next purchase is more troops and a lord of change to make it up to 2k

it wont be a summoning list it will be the fires of change a pure fluffy list and everything will slightly different to embody the theme of change that is the core of tzeentch's background at somepoint I may also want the big birdy from FW

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