Saturday, 10 May 2014

dark eldar wishlist n stuff

so the new stuff for dark elder has been limited to when the last codex was released n that's quite a while ago now.  BUT now we have new apoc formations which is better than nothing but might as well be nothing as most people just play standard games lol

the other rumours are that well get a new codex late this year  rumours are wracks will be very important and be a big focus like wraiths were in the eldar book

wracks will be a dual kit for a unit that deals in chemical warfare 

bane unit which is inbetween a talos and grotesque  will have 2 see the stats if its not got a 3+ save it wont be much good

my wish list for dark eldar

points to stay roughly the same
flyers to get vector dancer and maybe shift to fast attack

that's about it well see what happens in the next few months the rulebook is the next big thing not long now !!

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