Wednesday, 17 September 2014

ready to raid

so my dark eldar are achingly close to being finished im currently working on these at the moment:

the second set of bikes need blood adding to them

the sails need another coat of purple then their done

then I have 5 sponsons that need basing dry brushing highlighting gold and washing

then after that if I chose to take my beast pack ill need 2 finish the handlers but that's it

I then need 2 practice some freehand work for my squad markings as well as battle field role from the rulebook ob I wont follow the rule book pics ill make m own up or look around for inspiration

this is all in time for the new release in starting in 3 days time I cant wait as iv already painted up m warriors and wyches n I think they will have 2 be my troops ill need 2 paint up some raiders to go with them im not sure yet ill be waiting for the codex to come thru.

once this is done and the raiders are finished ill post a completed pic

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