Wednesday, 10 September 2014

army progress

so  at various points through the start of this year I bought n traded my way to a small horde of armies

staring with dark eldar - which are finally at the final furlong 2day ill finish off the 8 bikes from yesterday with blood and the ravage hulls will get the same treatment making them finished. :D

eldar - are sprayed blue at the moment and ready for painting during the winter months when its colder

deamons are sprayed black and ill hand paint the larger models like princes and batch spray things like the troops

necrons - there still in the needing phase and I need more models to make the army work im also going to purchase  2 annihilation barges 2day  pushing that total up 2 3 :D  then I need 1 more ghost ark more wraiths n im done :D

bit of a short post but im off out 2 collect sed models and paint

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