Monday, 26 October 2015

new tau stuff

well well well

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no that isn't something u can do but  wat you can do is lay down a whole world of hurt with the new tau hunter cadre

the tau have been given super juice in the form of a new campaign book with lots of shiny shiny new things for tau players to use.

the main alteration to the codex is that its softback rather than hardback so should be cheaper lol units and rules haven't changed at all they have jus tacked on other stuff in different books.

+1 BS for the hunter cadre in a firewall is wat I think well see then either a unit of storm surges or the superemecy armour sounds like an amazing combo

im still not worried that my all drop pod list will get killed turn 1 from interceptor

the tau Decurion has no real "tax units"  its all standard units that most tau lists would take.  I have the answer tho!  ill be adding an auspex in to my list for -1 cover so I can wipe out those pesky fish heads faster!!

so ill kno more when I get my hands on a campaign book n give it a read

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