Thursday, 15 October 2015

war gathers in the east (pt2)

so this post will or should explain the title

Image result for forging a narrative meme

cant beat xibit memes lol

I was looking for a meme on forging a narrative but couldn't find one which is annoying.  so the knight titan isn glued down and for good reason I haven't decided wat the theme will be.  to help me decide iv looked into some background type stuff

the skittarri of metallica (should be 1 l but I can use this 2 add some funny things like song lyrics) are from ultima segmentum in the eastern quadrant near the ultrasmurfs and Armageddon!!

so that explains the title lol

and also leads nicely into my first musing and ideas for bases

the 3rd war for Armageddon as they are in the east they would have helped (or I can jus say they did lol)  also the blood angels were part of that battle n that explains my allies choice.  bases will be mainy rubble n dead orks and imperial stuff.

for comedy value I an hide gretchin behind my vehicles

the second is demons teeth the mechanicum as a whole are trying to invade a world where an original STC is held that is immensely powerful. so I have no idea wat a demon world would look like but I do know I can swop the gretchin for nurglings lol

so these are my 2 ideas and wil make up another part of the base once iv got an idea

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