Sunday, 11 October 2015

war gathers in the east! (pt1)

so I did this lol and completely ignored my own "wont buy anything until my necrons are painted" which didn't really work lol  that's mainly becoz the night is dark and full of terrors lol.

so in the 4 bags is the start of my mechanicum force! and I went straight for the big guy as my first piece I cudnt wait nor resist this kit as I really like the kit. so here is a picture heavy near enough step by step account lo


first up a lil look at the shiny shiny goodness

here is the kit stripped so we can see the lovely insides (mainly for those that haven't made a knight)

the legs n feet went to gether realy well the instructions are probably the best GW have ever made lots of detail shots and colour really easy 2 follow and use 

again the waist came together really quickly all goin pretty well so far 

and in true GW fashion it all goes wrong  piece 105/106 are the sides of the body  and they are labelled the wrong way round in this kit but once uv looked at the picture and figured out that its not right its easy 2 correct.

after that mix up I was back on form n it all went really well 

so the tilting plate(sheild thing) and melta gun and head are all not glued for ease of painting (incase for some reason ur reading this as a building guide lol)

the top plate is glued so is the rocket pod the body isn't glued to the legs and neither is the feet to the base

arms aren't glued as the lock in its very kool n clever!!  

so that's it spent a good few hours building the beast  next instalment will be wat ever else I build lol and somewhere a rock narrative that will leave u un able 2 walk for a week!!

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