Thursday, 30 June 2016

war room 2 updates!

well war room 2 has updates so now I can log in on pretty much the first attempt! which is awesome iv also made a few lists based on models that I have and models that I want and over the next few posts ill go into them as well as some alternatives!

I was quite sceptical with legion but having seen some amazing combos I'm pretty pleased !!  I thought id go over in this post some models/combos that I have my eye on

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hex hunters and bayal

hex hunters lost some things but with bayal he brings them right back up!  giving them advanced deploy and with concealment they get stealth as well which is ace but the main reason is shadow bind  -3def on a unit is awesome.

warspears and chief
now these guys are stupidly good!   with prey and assault they combo up nicely with any of the  lylyth's  I think number 2 gives them the most overall boost  pin cushion for extra dice on ranged attacks and feat for double shots! but any caster that will give them a boost thru spells or feats is worth it kyrssa, bethayne and vayl are to name a few extras!

banshees and assassin
these guys are a lovely def15 jammer unit with stealth and immunity to blast damage they should be hard to shift.  they also have a sp6 pow 12 attack that stops the target from casting spells which is very nice it also combo's nicely with the hell mouth that has a -1 dice on dmg which means its safe from harm whilst pulling a tactic that they can soften up

legionaires and farilor
this is our go to brick unit!  sitting at arm17  with steel wall(in b2b with at least 1 model) mini feat gives +3 arm and feat from rhyas gives another +3 making them arm23 !!

still a top choice even at 18pts but now they are another unit that gels even more with lylyth than ever!  getting 10 poison shots or 3 dice on weapon master attack rolls!

now the beasts!
harrier is a new alternative for shredders as the animus is dodge after a missed attack the model can advance 2" ignoring free strikes!  better than tenacity !

ill group these all together the nephillim

the main thing is the animus within 10" of the bloodseer you pay an extra 1 for spells and double on upkeeps! and as a bonus they can be forced  to use other beasts animus

10 pts 23 boxes within 3" caster gets parry and +2 def against melee attack's  x2 and that's nearly a gargossal worth of boxes before u get to the caster!

is something I wudnt normally look at BUT those lil wings were enough to get flight and at sp6 they are pretty quick with massacre and threshold 10  and pns13 it will do some dmg !

super fast sp7 with stealth!  but not only that when checking if they are in control range u double it so ethag has a massive 28" range great for clogging up annoying solos or putting pressure on the caster !

d3 shots that remove stealth and -2 def for 1 turn!  although slipstream has been changed its still worth while taking as most heavies are sp5 a 2" boost is pretty gd

and that's it

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