Sunday, 12 June 2016

war room 2 !!

so its finally here and iv been busy making lists!  legion  have gained one of the best models(units that I've seen so far)

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the hellmouth!!

for those living under a rock its this
Hellmouth Legion of Everblight Unit

so what's all the fuss about! well lift up the rock and come check out this unit! its a great support piece for ranged and CC lists that at 6pts will fit in any list perfectly

the mouth is the centre piece and is deployed 12" away from normal deployment along with advanced deployment units.

the mouth doesn't move
cant be moved or placed 
cant be taken control of
and takes 1 less dice of dmg

and it has a pns15 maw attack with a 2" melee range and 8 boxes 

so what makes it so awesome  well

firstly the maw removes small based models that it hits with its special ability which is awesome!

second its the never ending supply of tentacles which has the same rules as the move EXCEPT they are spd 5 with a pns10 weapon that when hits is removed from play and then large or smaller bases are dragged towards the mouth that stopps when it hits a model obstacle or obstruction if it hits the mouth it can then make an attack against it !!

at the start of the next turn though if u have less than 3 tentacles you get 1 added to the unit

if the mouth is removed the unit is removed and it only has 8 boxes so thaggy2 with dragons blood will keep it alive longer


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