Tuesday, 9 August 2016

who you calling chicken??

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this is not a real chicken so it doesn't count but it is the source of this article not actual chickens but I came across a comment on the legion of everblight forum after posting my lists and someone said that as the lists looked similar was I doing it to avoid list chicken.

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so here is my research to make this more definable like  google definition's lol

so list chicken revolves around the steamroller divide and conquer where u need to play each list at least once and before the game starts you have to decide on a list to play ur both hoping to play the easiest match up rather than the hard counter or harder match up.

so I have these rough general example's

bringing a list for scenario and a list for assassination which is what the vast majority of people bring if these to players face off both will want to play the same style list to not give away an advantage.

a death star style list and a regular list   this maybe to frighten the opponent into playing something that can deal with the deathstar but not the other list to create an advantage.

taking 2 similar lists that do the same thing so that the opponent has no clear choice on which of his list will be better.


yea it went well I think lol the main point to remember is either

A) have an alternative list no1 wants to play
b) have 2 lists that cause equal problems

go try it out!

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