Saturday, 27 August 2016

gaboids vayl and abby2

so I'm on a roll and completed buying basing and priming all the models I need to complete my abby2 and vayl1 pairing and here they are!

so in order

typhon! who appears in my vayl1 list
banshees and assassin who appear in my vayl1 list (or an alternative list)
hellmouth which appears in both abby2 and vayl1

so I now need to airbrush and wash these (the graboids which is the slang name for hellmouth needs spraying purple abit more to make the coat more even)

then  its on to detail work starting with the scales as that will get all the beasts done!  and then iv gotta base them and then do another family photo

those of you may have seen my baby blog and that's the main reason these aren't getting painted as quick as id like but oh well once these are done I can post another pic with my carry tray updating it for my main units n things that ill be using for mk3!

and that's it!
Image result for thats all folks

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