Wednesday, 21 December 2016

first play test

so I tried my lylyth1 list with 1 change I used the succubus instead of the forsaken, which I found very useful for keeping her at full fury and secondly she gives me a cloud effect to proc stealth and I can hide things behind the cloud and influence is fun to mess with

Image result for learning meme

the core of the list super spraying spam worked a treat the banshees and assassin did really well at tarpitting the winterguard

carni's both did well anyssa did really well prey and poison was awesome

the only real problem was the raptors as I went first so that after his turn 1 I was in a gd position to feat and  gain the additional dice on turn2/3 I ended up being infront of his jacks so I spent a turn trying to move them but lost most of them on turn 1 as he feated and moved up 8" with a 14" ish range from behemoth the ended up dying lol

so I need a few more games to see how they do I also didn't miss the hellmouths I cud maybe do with a few more games maybe try going second and see if that makes a difference

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