Wednesday, 28 December 2016

seasons beatings

so merry blightmas to you all and a festive post to tell you all what I ended up with from everblight

yea the last heavy (nearly) I need to fill my tray and this finishes my lilly1 list and what follows is a lil pic by pic step with some highlights as to how annoying it was to build lol

 base was easy so was the shoulder sections but they all joined at the middle near the top of the tail and in true PP fashion it didn't fit very well I needed lots of green stuff to sort it out lol

 shoulder plates were pretty easy to put on the large hands were abit fiddley but not to bad

 the moth was the hardest bit as yet again it didn't sit where it was supposed to I ended up taking loads of the top plate out with filing etc to try and make it sit more level n then greenstuffed it to cover the gaps but once its done its a right beast its huge compared to 30mm stuff lol

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