Wednesday, 21 December 2016

new errata

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change evokes many emotions in war gamers usually hatred when things don't get changed for the better or models they like get changed and no longer do something they used to do

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but on the bright side lets look at what happened to legion specifically and a few curve balls generally with the rules as a whole

generally i think the biggest change was melee range is now front arc again rather than 360 degrees

and throw was changed not sure how but its been tweaked  

the other big change u can no longer charge or do power attacks on ur own models

so legion

firstly  zuriel is now pns16 which is gd hes doing 1pt of dmg more which will make a difference
hell mouth tentacles are now soulless and spawn in the maintenance phase so not a major change will still do what it normally does lol
soldier got brutal charge which is nice hes more tempting to use now
aflictor went up to def13

and that's the errata!

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