Saturday, 21 January 2017

time management

so I've played my first 2 games of 2017 and currently at 50% win rate lol I'm practicing for the steam roller that I'm doing at the end of the month and what I'm currently practicing is managing my time with only an hour I thought I would struggle to get things done etc BUT

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it wasn't that bad  so here is my rough break down for how to use ur time

deployment - this is probably the most important part but don't go mental 5 mins should be enough

first turn is always run + some spells so keep it quick shouldn't be more than 5 mins

then each turn roughly 10 mins is more than enough as an estimate but here are some things to keep in mind to help make the most of each minute !

knowing base stats
flicking back and forwards from cards or war room doesn't seam like much but it all adds up! so memorise them!

processing time
another semi obvious one BUT don't plan your turn on your turn !! watch the opponent and plan your move's

I think these are the main 2 that are worth remembering then its practice practice practice!

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