Monday, 2 January 2017

tournament season time

well 2017 is here its January and I'm booked in for my first steamroller of the season  3/4 rounds depending on number of players with a 60min death clock! I think its 3 lists n D/C  which means every game will need lots of forethought!

so for the next 4 weeks ill be mainly trying to play as many of my lists as I possibly can 2 reasons

1 I mainly play casual games with no time limit so I need to condense my game down from a few hours to 1 hour which includes setting up

2 the second and most important reason is so that I can make judgements quicker and I also have the deployment for each list nailed into no more than 5 minutes secondly I need to start memorising stats rather than jus reading the card so that I don't need to pick them up etc etc I also need to start figuring out when to feat with vayl1 lol and make less mistakes

so the 3 lists I have decided on are abby2 vayl1 and lylyth1  I think lylyth is the odd 1 out so may throw people off hopefully !

so the next few posts will be more report orientated as I started prepping

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