Saturday, 21 January 2017

VS khador

so I'm still practicing for this steam roller that is now next week so I have 1 more practice session before the real thing happens!

so I played 2 games against khador and here is what happened ! (note I cant remember everything from the khador lists)

game 1 was vayl1  VS harkevich1

vayl had some making up to do after losing to Sturgis the week before so lets go over the khador list

and 1 more lol

kal beloch
3 mechaniks
3 mano wars

I ended up going first and winning this on scenario  highlights were banshees protecting my force by taking lots of shots to the face and stopping harkevich casting spells with a cheeky flame template covering him.

incite is still really powerful when it comes to cracking high arm and improving piece trading I had vayl cast incite move then cast chiller on a hellmouth unit the hellmouth pulled in 2 jacks and then they both got killed by typhon and proteus putting me up by 2.

I didn't need the feat this game but I could have used it to jam up his battle line instead of getting shot to pieces lol

game 2



think that was everything and on the field I was super out numbered this game was assassination  victory + scenario lol

highlights included protues n a scythean holding the left zone from turn2  abby pulled off alpha hunter and they both charged. proteus hit the winterguard and the scythean went into some snipers.

another highlight was after the scythean died to doomreavers and proteus was near enough dead next turn proteus went on a killing spree killing enough models to take him back to 5 boxes short of full health which was awesome because my opponent had lost his hitting power and then I got mine back again

on the other flank he was trying to push through to my caster he killed typhon but it was to little to late and turn after I feated and proteus suffered 1 point on a boosted dice -12 roll from a free strike n he charged irusk who was in cover and ate him lol

some general thoughts

harkevich with low model count is easy to maneuver round with hellmouths etc to pull out of position it wil make the match up a lot easier

irusk2 has so many shenanigans including immune to kd for infantry and -3 speed on feat turn its crazy so have a list that can take out tough models like death stalkers scytheans and proteus if u use abby2 like I did it makes the match up lots easier.

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