Thursday, 3 January 2013

new years resolution! + apologies + chaos updates

ok so it been a while i guess since i posted  but their is a reason for this i cant upload pictures for some reason. no idea why  butits quite annoying as all i have 2 post is reems of writing which is boring!

with my chaos  i have now magnetized  the forgefeind and hell drakes for ease of transport. i have also started spraying  my army and basing the cultists i havehalf done 3 so far lol  but ran out o paint  so im waiting for some more which should arrive tommorrow. then its a mad dash to get them based and suitably painted for a tournament in 17 days lol.

now each year i make some gaming resolutions and this year  is no exception!

1 finish my chaos marines  to a 3 colour standard as they will be my main tournament army for this year
2 finish the deamons and update them for 6th ed 
3 buy build and finish my dark elves to play fantasy!

so this year ill have  1 more new army an 2 updated armies   on a side note ill try and figure out why i cant post pics as i wana show wat im doing!!

so thats it the first post of the new year

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