Wednesday, 31 October 2012

deamons rumours n stuff

firstly guys its been  a few days since iv posted  but heres  what iv been doing.  iv bought  2 predators for my chaos marine army and dropped the hell brutes in favour of them both have TL las canons.  this increases  my back field at 36" range i have


from  4 different units  these purely slow down vehicles the deamon prince hasnt done much and i really want some raptors lol over the next 5 games  ill keep the prince then for the next set try some raptors.

the airbrush so i can start my chaos marines will be here  next fri then its a mad dash to get them all sprayed white  after that im goin to test  painting the shaded areas black for better controll rather than sprayin them.

 dragon pattern predators!!!!

so now the borring stuff is out the way lets talk about deamons.  now before the august update and or allies  they were an army for mad and mental people but the few mad or mental people did really well with them.  skip  foreward to the WD update the tzeentchy units that maybe didnt see as much table time as others such as feinds are now every where  boosted stats and an over watch that puts off even terminators from charging them means their now doing amazingly well and the addition of allies means more stable troops can be purchased to leave points for more offensive units.

now the codex is getting a complete overhaul around december january time.  the greater  deamons will all be having new sculpts.  from  what iv heard the great unclean one will now be around the same size and shape as a dreadnought and the bloodthirster will rival the dreadknight the ord of change and keeper of secrets will be somewhere inbetween.

ill be writing up more as i get more

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