Monday, 21 January 2013

hell drake part 1

so if your  reading these blogs in order  ull kno  wat colours iv used so far  but for those who are jumping str8 to the flying  pidgeon of feiry death  ill recap  the colours.

colours used
1 white primer
2 evil sunz scarlett
3chaos black
4 2/1ish shining gold /tin bitz
5 chain mail
6 nuln oil

firstly their arent as many pics of the hell drake apologies but i can stil go thru it the same  way.  the model is based white then  chaos black is done in the recessess which u can see.  then the red was done

 in this pic the red is done  and the silver areas have been painted as well as washed with nuln oil

in the next set of pics ill go thru the gold and the wings as they still need doing

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