Monday, 21 January 2013

forge feind

the over all model is great and i really enjoyed painting  it  i started  with a base of white then  painted black in the recessess to create a shaded effect for the armour

colours used
1 white primer
2 evil sunz scarlett
3chaos black
4 2/1ish shining gold /tin bitz
5 chain mail
6  nuln oil
this is the start  u can also see the red i used as well as the black recess

this picture shows all the red areas  and the silver is also  done

now the silver has been washed with nuln oil looks awesome!!  (u can also see hte magnets  that iv put in to attach the guns n make transporting easier)

this is the start of the  brass colour  i used  start  with shining gold then add roughly 1/3 of tin bitz

this is where im at now  the red will get more work done to it  then the shoulder guards will be finished glued on and uploaded

ill also upload the finished hell drake at the same time

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