Wednesday, 23 January 2013

back with the tacticals

so the next big tournament  is  febuary 17th and im taking deamons of chaos  its a 1k list  with modified resrictions max 2 flyers and only 2 of the same vehicle  with a max of 2 elites  heavy support and fa.

this is quite gd as it stops to much spamming

so iv bought the shooting portion of the list which are!!!
wasnt very hard to work out! but here is a run down of why these are so awesome!
ws2  bs4 s4 t4 w2 i4 a2 ld10 5++

firstly their not gd in combat  ws2 is terrible but they cuase fear so that pulls it back alittle  BUT they are  eternal warriors with 2 wounds and plenty of shooting their a great gun platform!!  an that will cause  fear their shooting  capability is very powerfull they have 2 choices of shooting

flame template  causes a wound on 4+  glance on 4+
18" str4 ap4  3shot
so if they scatter a little to far  u can use the ranged  shots  to  try and kill a few  marines  or wat ever ur fighting if its  DE  glance them tanks 2 death haha :P

but if your in range of the template then u can cause a world of pain  4+  to wound any toughness value ignoring cover and armour saves  is amazing  no units is safe  those with deathstars  an a special character at the front will die !!

their also very gd at taking down vehicles  4+ to glance any armour  means a large unit  will instant wreck any vehicle  preffered size is 6 so ull atleas do 3 hull points worth of damage

most players  wont  freely  charge a flamer unit theyll be shot with damn near everythign they can  this is bcoz  over watch is devastating d3 per flamer wounding on 4+  can easily kill most  things  before they even get their !!

so  use these gun platforms to open tanks  or harass troops 

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