Tuesday, 5 February 2013

first challenge results !!

now from the previous post i was and still am determined to find out wat makes  top tier lists so gd is it because the lists are so unstoppable that no normal list can beat them or is it a combination of player skill as well as superior lists that makes an unbeatable combo!! for those who have randomly clicked and not read the previous posts i have started playing the top tier deamons list  with an added blood thirster for extra  anti flyer to find out why their so gd. at the moment tho iv been using the baby list for the first 5 games due to the tournament restrictions but for the next one its 1500points  full FOC  so ill be unleashing chaos!! lol

so iv played 5 games  with this  list so far and here is the break down 

1st game  Vs gk
it was a coteaz  list  and it was taken to turn 7 where the speed of the screamers helped me win  being able to move a maximum of 36" a turn is only a smal part of their awesome ness needless to say their was not enough fire power to take down the multi wounded deamons

2nd game VS guard
this was a really nice list  he even knew abit about deamons so set up spread across the back of his baord (we played relic and hammer and anvil)  he had 3 tanks on the board  1 chimeara 1 punisher leman russ and manticore.  i took out the chimeara  turn 1  and shot up the unit inside with flamers turn 2 the manticore died so did the unit the punisher killed a unit of flamers but the second unit killed the punisher and finished off hte troops  the LOC  killed off his vendettas and that was game ended turn 4-5.

3rd game Vs the same army as game 1 (first game was a practice for the tournament i entered sunday and that game 1 is the 2nd game i played)

this time it went very differently it still went to turn 6 but i learnt how gd screamers are at destroying  fortifications !! i still took heavy casualties losing 2 full flamer units the screamers are still worth their weight in gold!  this game went 2 turn  6 he had 4 guys left in the corner and a fleeing death cult that was it.

4th game VS necrons

this was another gd game 30 immortals 2 characters and a flyer the flyer gave me alot of hassle my LOC refused 2 shoot it and took  6 turns to blow it up wat id learnt by the end is how resilient the deamons really are  30 immortals is impressive shooting power but i decided his right slank was where i would start the attack and focussed on collapsing it before moving on to the middle and by this time i had all units on the board so i cud close on both sides to many targets and then grinded them down untill their was nothing left.

5th game VS necrons
this was a filth filthy list 2 flyers basic troops zandrek and a scarab farm  i ended up with -1 t oreserve rolls and lost my LOC on turn 2 it was so bad i cudnt shift the scarabs at all  sadface :(  lol so at turn 6 it ended with me not being tabled but id lost.

so 4 wins 1 loss  not a bad start at all  80% win rate. at smaller points i think its the durability of deamons and that each unit can take on multiple roles  all the screamers can take on tanks and troops  and all the flamers can do the same.  this will work out really  well as the next tournament is 1500pts so my opponents will have more shooting but il have more units as well well see wat happens  game 6-8  then the next month 9-11 is 1750  so it scales  really well.

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