Saturday, 2 February 2013

painting - screamers

so  iv allways  enjoyed  painting and playing deamons  theie jus such a kool looking army so with that in mind  i decided  to try blending  on my screamers  so here is  blending  by a begginer for begginers!!!

firstly  heres wat ill be using

regal blue and liche purple
blue and purple wash
ultra marine blue (highlight)

first   i decided  how i wanted the end model to look which is  blue in the middle hten goin to purple  at the end an bottom of the fins with that in mind i did this

for blending  ull need a wet pallette or equivelent as ill be adding purpl to the blue to the point where it becomes purple  in this  next picture iv added a slight amount of purple to the blue so that u can see the purple comming out of the blue
dont forget to do the same underneath!!!!  u may need to use a few layers to build up the colours orless if u want 2 create a patchy pulsing  look to the colour. after this i added more purple

now u can see the  blue has gone completely  and u can see the steps blue  bluey/purple finally purple.  finally  wash the middle blue section  with blue then the  other sections with purple this will help tie all the colours to gether  and u end up with something like this
the transition is not a smooth as it probably should be but this is my 2nd attempt but u can still see colours and im still happy with it

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