Friday, 8 February 2013

2nd challenge results + summary

again  for those who arent  keeping track of whats  happening with this is that im deciding wat makes a top tier list so gd  is it  simpley the list or is it the player?  so  far  iv played  7 games  now  and here is a run down of games  6 and 7 i will also  add the results  of games  8 9 10  to this as well so at the moment its only half finished

Game 6 VS marines
these marines were quite balanced  big deathstar unit that was termies with a minotaur special character asault marine with minotaur special character then troops and a contemptor and a stormeagle it was a nice list.  we played vanguard strike and kill points at turn 5 the special character was standing and that was it.

game 7 vs dark angels pure death wing army
this was my first game vs the new death wing and it was a gd game.  they have some great little tricks  +1T for deathwing knights this army i think faired better  after id got him 2 spread out n go for my screamers as we were playing the scouring  i did damage and took damage but again i manage to survive the attrition.

game 8  vs dark eldar  (first round of an 1800pt tourny)
this wasnt easy their was lots of shooting and as iv found out lots of shooting means you give away plenty of points!! the only real bonus is  screamers  can  chew up vehicles with their  d3 attack.  play agressive shut down the venoms  quickly  and cut off the support isolate each unit  with multiples of ur own and with some luck  ull win.

game 9 vs marines (second round of the 1800pt tourny)
this was VS a huge marine army i got them 2 go first and set up first luckily for me he spread his entire army across the board 2 catpure 2 objectives that he placed at either end.  i place mine on the left flank(his right)  then DS my army into this side and worked on that flank before moving over.  i had a few mishaps  gave first blood aways with a scatter and had a deamon prince shot down but like with the dark eldar match u flood  one flank with multi wound models and most enemies cant respond.  it took a few turns but by the end his flank collapsed and i worked my way across to the other.

game 10 vs Blood angels (final of the 1800pt tourny)
this was gunna be hard from the out set  he got the re-roll saves hex and 4+ inv for his guys.  the mission was annilation with vanguard strike.  i played agreessive  and dropped down the lord of change 2 flamers 2 screamers and a unit of troops the flamers and screamers were placed near his units 1 unit of screamers were infront of his scouts that were on his far righ flank. he wiped out my flamers and got firstblood with a unit of assault troops with captian and apothecary the terminators tried to assault some flamers as well and the took 4 casualties and failed the charge. i isolated libby and killed him off. he had bad reserve rolls and lost all units before it could come on the board.

iv lost 1 game and won 9. deamons arent an auto win if they have 2 go first bad scatter and u isolate  the most threatening units first you can win.  the problem is deamons come packed with multiple units that can fill the most basic roles kill troops kill tanks  and with units that can do both equally well it makes 90% of games alot easier also  goin for the weakest  flank  and immidiate threats  its not hard to see why  deamons are dominating so much right now.

i still need to play  eldar and nids as i think these armies have a gd chance of winning

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