Friday, 15 February 2013

cold one knights

they  may be armless and unpainted but their certainly not out of the fight.

as iv been playing more and more fantasy  i thought id talk about when i tried  out my cold one knights.  for  27pts you get ws5  str4 i6 and a 1+ armour save which isnt bad at all  they can buy a 50pts  standard  so you either take ASF for re-rolls as hatred only goes so far!!  or you take banner of murder  for armour peircing so on the charge u get -4 armour saves  which will hammer the hardest of cavelry even  the might crushers of khorn will be at a 4+save.

the only addtion i will make is adding malus dark blade  constant re-rolls and ignores armour is awesome hes hitting on 3's and wounding on 3's on average or 4's if their bit bigger lol   

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