Saturday, 29 March 2014

new army ideas

iv had my fill of decent armies i'm now ready for a challenge!!!

the final army I want is a list that I can play without vehicles.  so this first barrier takes out all but 2 codex's

the first is deamons:

iv played deamons since 4th ed on and off and seen them go from quirky and unique to a serious punch and with 6th ed they have become more generic with standard deployment and normal psychic powers.  which is quite disappointing the main reason I chose deamons in the first place was gone!!!

iv read the codex and 2 main lists stand out a nurgle biomancy list with GUO DP's and plague bearers lots of durable units playing the waiting game and grinding down the opposition

or a tzeentch list with a screamer star the list iv written up is a pure tzeentch fire list  BUT iv already had a deamon list so their isn't anything new and its a list a lot of players use already as its doing really well and that's the problem I want a list like my dark eldar that works with effort and will surprise people

and in pop the second viable choice NIDS

when I started playing 40k I learnt to play against this army when fex's where taken in both elites n heavy support n everything had ID protection and grenades.  2 editions later with several changes to the book and 40k its evolved into what I think dark eldar are; the spoiler army!!!  without biomancy and data slates at non GW events nids will struggle with tau and eldar etc BUT their are some armies that nids will beat generic marines  and other marine codex's and with skill they've proven to stand up to the big boys they may not win but they'll be able to annoy other players

so I need 2 buy a new case for my eldar then ill move onto nids with a skyblight swarm list and a normal list lol :D


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