Wednesday, 22 October 2014

eldar lynx here!!!!

iv got the lynx finally  and its far easier to put together than the titan  as its just a big serpent LOL 

the main pieces  are 

both halves of the body
a piece that joins them 2gether underneath
then the gun is in 2 pieces 

the engines all fit into back nicely

now as mine is from alie express their are a few things  slightly mis cast with it their are quite a few mould lines which is to be expected but their is a side that has some bits taken out of it but apart from that it was only 50 dollars that's  30 quid ish for the UK people with free postage its a amazing price 

my next purchase will be 3 hornets as a bundle price for 60 dollars  n they'll have 2 pulsars for bigger games but that away off yet

the next big thing is clean up and then green stuff and glue it all together

on a side note the necrons now both have ghost arks im doing the ribs where the necrons sit at the moment then I need 3 destroyers to make lords and 3 more wraiths and 1 barge and necrons are done   

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